, What We Do For You

10x Better and at a Fair Price.

, What We Do For You

Everything You Expect From An Agent

We price it. We strategize it. We list it. We market it. We show it. We negotiate it. & We close it. 

Our program has proven that we do everything needed to sell your home. Over 24,688 homes sold in just our first 16 years!

  • Help You Strategize To Meet Your Need of Selling Quickly OR For The Highest Price — With our DUFFY Secret Marketing Formula, we have a game plan for any situation.
  • Set Your Asking Price — With our DUFFY Selling Flexibility, we will give you a range of prices from which to choose OR you set the price to ask – your choice.
  • Give Advice On What You Can Do To Improve The Condition of Your Property — We visit the home and give you advice on what to do when you are ready to list with us. And, if we don’t have the answer, we have an on-staff stager who will consult with you for Free.
  • Extensive Marketing of Your Property — We fully understand the motives and thinking of buyers and we maximize your product marketing in all the right places. Your property will be listed on ALL major companies websites (Re/Max, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, etc…) and very important websites like Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, Realtor.com and many, many more.
  • Feedback From Agents — We have tools via our DUFFY Investigation in place to help you find out what you want to know.
  • We Show and Sell Your Property — We have over 35 exclusive buyers’ agents in our close knit group of DUFFY Experts By Specialty that show and sell our properties.
  • Over 600 Buyers — We have over 600 buyers that we work with at all times and we pay them part of our commission when they help us find the house that they want to buy.
  • Strategies As You Go Along — Staying with the original strategy of when you started marketing your home may not be what you should be doing along the way and we have Plan B and Plan C in place, just in case. Our knowledge and insights come from over 30,000 successful transactions.
  • Full Contract Negotiation and Closing Support — We support you in the process of negotiating your contract and we will negotiate as many contracts as it takes for you to be happy with one. With DUFFY Compliance you can sleep well after your sale or purchase that everything was handled properly.
, What We Do For You

          Some examples of DUFFY Selling Flexibility

  • Come And Go From The Market As You Please — You can take your house off and on the market and return at no charge – our program lasts until sold.
  • , What We Do For You For Sale By Owner Rights — If you advertise or network your home to buyers who do not have an agent and they buy your home, you do not pay the buyer’s agent commission, saving you 3%*. We handle all of the contract negotiation and closing support.
  • , What We Do For You Advertised Monthly City-Wide Open Houses — For all of our sellers who want to participate in our monthly open houses, we advertise on the internet and on radio. If you don’t want to or can’t participate in the open houses, we show the buyers who want to see your home.
  • , What We Do For You Proactive Approach To Getting A Buyer To Make An Offer— For buyers who have seen your home twice and fit certain circumstances, we will make an offer to them instead of them making an offer to us.
  • , What We Do For You You Can Rent, Lease Purchase or Sell Your Home At The Same Time — We allow you to offer your home to different situations. If you remove your home from the market, you may return at anytime to us at no charge.
  • , What We Do For You 24/7 Customer Support and Strategy Website — An ever changing website with up-to-date strategies to help you get your home sold your way.
  • , What We Do For You The 100% Money Back Guarantee *rules apply
  • , What We Do For You Savings Network of Vendors — Because of our networking, vendors offer our clients discounts.
, What We Do For You

We Do The Work For You.

  • We Figure Out Where You Should Be Listed — We constantly monitor the websites that are getting the traffic and we place you there.
  • We Monitor Trends in Buying and Selling — Our toolbox is full of options and ideas when it comes to attracting and engaging buyers.
  • We Tell Your Story — Our listing team is paid to put your listing in place to yield the highest amount of buyers. Our pictures department places your photos on the listings for you. Our contracts team handles contracts and paperwork needed for your closing for you.
, What We Do For You
, What We Do For You

Our Close Knit Group of DUFFY Experts by Specialty ™

Are DUFFY Owners & With You the Entire Way.

  • We Support You In The Process — We are full of options to help you get your goal accomplished.
  • Live Client Support — Our Client Support Department is open Monday through Friday 9 to 6 to help you get new strategies.
  • Straightforward Guidance & Advice —From the Listing Team to the Client Support Department to the Contracts Department, we don’t beat around the bush – we help you WIN with brutal simplicity, a fierce attention to detail and no drama.
  • Guide Me — Not sure what to do next? Our 24/7 Client Support website knows.
, What We Do For You