Enjoy the money saving, time freeing and hassle avoiding solutions provided by Rhonda Duffy & her topped ranked team.

“Homes are selling in this hot, ferocious Seller’s market! Some sellers are receiving multiple offers, others are selling in just a few short days on the market. Average days on market is only 34 days for DUFFY Sellers because we have pulled out all of the stops by using our DUFFY Secrets and matching them with the 1,000s of buyers in our database long before they hit the market.

The average DUFFY Seller’s bottom line on their closing statement states that they kept $9,000 for themselves after their sale using our modern real estate system versus wasting the commission fees if they had chosen the old-fashioned model. Some Sellers are receiving offers to rent their home to a great family. No problem while using DUFFY, they just take it off the market and can return at any time in the future at no charge.

DUFFY Realty works in any market but in this market, it EXCELS to save Sellers time AND money they can spend with their family.

Rhonda Duffy


  • The #1 Retail Agent in the U.S.
  • The documented #1 Agent in Georgia, 14 years in a row, according to the MLS and FMLS
  • Consumer Advocate as noted by many publications
  • A Realtor, licensed in real estate for 20+ years
  • Has been a Broker in 7 states
  • Has trained for a Staging Certification
  • Real Estate Consultant to the Coleman Research Group
  • Real Estate Expert on Fox5 and WGST and CNN Headline News
  • Honored member and invitee of the Georgia Real Estate Commissioner’s Task Force
  • Advisor to the Canadian Task Force for The Competition Bureau and the
  • Canadian Real Estate Association
  • Noted Speaker for many organizations
  • Licensor that has put her Real Estate Model in 57+ major cities in the U.S.
  • Past Member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builder’s Association
  • Master Practitioner & Business Coach of Neuro Linguistics Programming
  • Licensed Auctioneer who does 15 charity auctions each year pro bono for the Atlanta community
  • Volunteer and Board Member for many organizations


Rhonda Duffy has been featured across more than a dozen news outlets and publications. Here is a short list.


Considered as a credible real estate expert and consumer advocate, Rhonda has been interviewed and published in hundreds of articles. She has been in the Wall Street Journal at least 20 times, on CNN, CNBC, on 4 major news channels, on Clark Howard’s Prime Time Real Estate special, quoted on MarketWatch and many, many publications.


We love serving our clients and here are just a few of our five-star reviews.

  • Being that I didn't know what to do or expect being this was my first time selling a house, Duffy made it simple and understandable. My house sold and I actually paid $3,000 less than I thought at closing which will now go toward a down payment on my new house......Thanks, Duffy Realty ...You're Awesome! And I see why you're #1.

    Evelynn Slat
  • I am extremely pleased with Duffy and the entire experience. Wonderful, well done, congratulations to you Duffy Realty. I really haven't calculated the money saved yet, but I know it was more than %6. For that I am grateful, the money will, of course, be invested. But all said Duffy will be an experience to be remembered. Well done, well done, Duffy thank you for all your hard work. Again, it was a fabulous experience.

    James Watson
  • I began working with Duffy and within a week I had a contract on our house. That ended up falling through and another contract was picked up, but all the way through, Victoria was a huge help in the process. Victoria and her team were always responding to calls/voicemails and were able to help me answer any questions and get the goals accomplished. Her knowledge was a huge asset to using this team for the sale and helped me in the long run.

    Laura Wise

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