List Home For Flat Fee

Rhonda Duffy

Listing your home for a flat fee is not only an option, in recent years it has become the most powerful one for sellers when it comes to selling their home. You might ask why it is so powerful, and of course, I can provide reasons.

However, not all flat-fee companies are created equal. So, you must narrow down the companies to consider. Look for ones that offer the best value for the fee. Find ones that offer the most comprehensive and extensive marketing for the fee. Look for a company that will show your home in the best light online. Choose a company that has the experience, not counted by the number of years in business but by the number of transactions completed, to help you get out of a bind along the way if one arises.

If you run this criteria on the companies by having a checklist, I believe that you will have the most all-inclusive marketing while selling your home. Not all companies are the same and you must look closely at what you are getting. Compare apples to apples for the price.

Remember the essential services provided by an experienced and talented agent are still very necessary to succeed in selling your home.

The company must:

 Negotiate the contract.
 Add you to 100’s if not 1000’s of websites.
 Allow you to avoid paying a buyer’s agent commission if a buyer buys your home without using an agent.
 Guide you with strategy advice along the way.
 Put the property in every MLS listing service available in your area.
 List your home from in your home to attract the most amount of buyers possible through the maximum amount of search fields on each of the MLS services templates.
 Offer you the option to rent, sell or lease purchase your home.
 Allow you to come and go as you please from the service without paying the fee again.
 Offer you plenty of strategies to keep you busy during the sale, if you so desire.
 Allow you to be in control of open houses.
 Allow you to raise the buyer’s agent commission, make text and price changes, and update pictures if you so choose.
 Allow you to walk away from buyers that you don’t want to sell to.
 Empower you to say involved in the selling process.

There are many reasons that this marketing is so powerful for sellers.

Here are the top 10 reasons that sellers all over the U.S. are choosing flat fee MLS listings when they find a company that fills in all the gaps.

10. The seller wants to be in control of the sale.

9. The seller does not want the pressure of an agent demanding that they sell to just anyone for any price.

8. The seller does not want to lower the price of their home repeatedly.

7. The seller wants to do open houses if they want to drum up traffic.

6. The seller wants to offer bonuses to the buyer’s agent instead of the listing agent.

5. The seller wants to be able to sell their home to someone that saw the sign in the yard, or someone that they networked the property to without being penalized by paying a buyer’s agent commission. Nor do they want to allow the listing agent to keep all of a hefty commission, when the buyer comes in on his own.

4. The seller wants to be in charge of all marketing, but wants ideas and input from a real estate professional.

3. The seller wants a company with a lot of experience in high volume listings and sales.

2. The seller does not want a relationship wherein the agent is calling them every week with an excuse of what they failed to do or to give reasons why the property hasn’t sold yet.

1. The seller wants to save money and/or wants more value than what they perceived they got the last time that they sold a house with a tradition agent and paid a much higher commission.