How To Find A Rental Home

Rhonda Duffy

Finding a rental home has gotten easier over the years. Now with the multiple listing services adding a feature for rentals that immediately populates the information on the internet, you can look for a rental home 24/7. The MLS (multiple listing service) populates information by city, monthly rent, bedrooms, schools etc…

Here are some things that you should know:

1. You can search properties listed on the MLS anytime on most major websites.

2. Before you go to see them, call and verify that they are available. The downfall to the MLS posting of these properties is that the policing of this process turns out to be not as strict as when houses are listed for sale. Often times the agent fails to take the property off the MLS.

3. Speak to the neighbors and get a feel for how they feel about the rental house. If you get into a house as a renter that the neighbors despise, you need to know this to make the decision if you want to watch your p’s and q’s. At least before you sign the rental agreement, you can make that decision for yourself.

4. Rents are negotiable based on the market and the laws of supply and demand.

5. Gather your documents that would prove your identity, credit worthiness and employment history before you start the search process.

6. Know what your credit score is so that you aren’t shocked and surprised when you are asked about stuff on your credit.

7. Have your deposit and first and last’s months rent ready to pay. Landlords don’t want to hear your sob story and you will loose power to get the things that you want.

8. Have the Landlord be responsible for pest control.

9. Ask for the first option to buy.

Pre-planning is key to a commitment of this manner and you should easily be able to do your due diligence to live happily ever after for as long as you choose in any rental environment.

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