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Rhonda Duffy

If you are looking for an experienced Atlanta broker and agent, you have found the right website. Rhonda Duffy is the number 1 agent in Georgia and number 10 in the U.S. Since 2003 alone, Rhonda has listed over 10,000 homes in the Atlanta metro area. Her buyer team has worked with over 2,500 buyers to help them find their dream home.

If you want an agent that produces results, you must look further. Rhonda has a special program for Sellers that not only gives the Sellers flexibility in their sale, it also allows them to save their equity and put the only place that matters – their pocket.

With Rhonda’s seller program called the Buyer Magnet System, you are able to sell your home with 70 points of marketing. Some of the key points of this program that matter most to you is that Rhonda does all forms of marketing to get your house sold, allows you to rent, lease purchase or sell at the same time and come and go from the program as often as you like.

With Rhonda’s buyer program called the Duffy Buyer Cash Bonus, you will help the team find your dream home and we will do the rest. Then, we share our commission with you at closing because the Seller in the transaction actually pays our commission!

If these options sound good to you, you must look further at Rhonda’s empowering programs for real estate transactions. Thousands of people have already discovered what you are about to learn and they report that this is the future of real estate and makes common sense that real estate should have been accomplished this way all along.

So, welcome to Duffy Realty of Atlanta… See what everyone is talking about here.