Buying a Model Home or A Furnished Home For That Matter

Rhonda Duffy

As some of you may know from my radio show, Frank and I purchased the Southern Living home in Big Canoe in June. This home had over 10,000 people through it while it was on tour, had 4 back-up offers on it to buy it, and we had to kick someone out of the contract to own it. It was hectic and exciting at the same time.

With all of that said, we have been shocked at what is not included in the home that we felt was going to stay. You see, this home was a little different because decorators decorated different parts of the home and some of the stuff that they added was added to things that should remain in the home like, door thresholds, knobs on cabinets etc…

Due to the fact that the home was also new, the spec sheet is different than a seller’s disclosure that states what stays and what goes like in a resale that the seller marks what stays and what goes.

Tip: If you are buying a resale home, make sure that you study the seller’s disclosure closely to see what goes and stays. Sellers be careful too to make sure that what you mark is what you mean.

List Everything

Okay, with all of that being said, what we had to do and what you have to do is, take your time, no matter what is going on, write every item down, taking nothing for granted like toilet paper holders etc… and have an agreement with the seller about what stays and goes. If you are not a detailed person, this may take even longer than expected.

Take Photos

Next, take detailed photos of every room in case of a switch-out.