Buyer Magnet System

Rhonda Duffy

The goal of Duffy Realty’s Buyer Magnet System is to sell a home in the quickest amount of time for the highest price possible. If you are not interested in doing just that, you don’t need to waste your time reading this article. My interest is in results and I empower each of my clients to get just that – the final result.

What is the Buyer Magnet System that I created? Well take a moment to reframe the way that real estate has been done for decades and take a quick journey with me pretending as if we are a buyer looking in the housing market right here in the late 2000’s. I think you are about to change your mind about how real estate is proposed to sellers all over the country.

The Buyer Magnet System is a program that I created for my over 9,500 Atlanta home sellers. It is a powerful program that is meant to bring every buyer that is in the market place to the seller’s home. It takes advantage of every tool possible that is useful based on the process of how the four unique types of buyers search for property.

So, let’s address the process of how all buyers search. Buyers search with three criteria or less. The first is location, second is price and the third is bedrooms and bath or square footage (some multiple listing services do not allow square footage to be quoted). Any advertising element that is not set up for this type of searching wherein the buyer can search by location first is not a valuable searching mechanism. To go further, if the price is not searchable after the location, then the advertising tool does not work because there is too much inventory available in most markets. For example, a buyer who is looking in the 100K price range does not have time or the desire to look in the 800K price range. Well, they may have the desire, but not the need.

Now, knowledge of the four types of buyers is even more interesting and important when you are planning your marketing strategy to get your house sold for the most money and in the quickest amount of time. Two of these types of buyers only use a real estate agent and the tools the agents provide to find a property. These are first time buyers and those relocating from another area. The other two types of buyers use the for-sale-by-owner method of searching as their first and primary source to find their next property. These buyers are local movers and investors. Every buyer falls into one of these four categories of buyers.

So, here is my point. If the for-sale-by-owner methods are part of the searching tools that two strong and very prevalent type of buyers use, then we, as agents, should also use the for-sale-by-owner system in marketing our client’s properties. My Buyer Magnet System employs the for-sale-by-owner methods of advertising to market your property to those types of buyers and teaches you how to sell as a for-sale-by-owner when the buyer comes in on there own. It also teaches you how to speak to buyers when they approach you. Very few agents will allow you to do this much less teach you the process. This is tricky and I will teach this strategy to you, step-by-step.

Then, of course, we also implement all the tools that allow an agent and their clients to find you. The MLS systems across the country are now populating the information of all brokers (if agreed by the broker) to every property-for-sale site around.

But the most important part of my Buyer Magnet System is the fact that I understand what a buyer is looking at when they see you from any of these sources. They are looking at the pictures of your property and making a split second decision about whether they will look further. The placement of your photos, the quality of your photos and the strategy around your photos are the most important part of your whole campaign. I can teach you how to sell your home online, you most likely in the quickest amount of time AND for the most money. I sell houses in half the time of other agents (66 days on market compared to the industry average of 133) and at 98.5% of asking price. I and my company, Duffy Realty of Atlanta, have sold 6,500 of the 9,500 homes I listed over the last six years, all using the Buyer Magnet System.

Oh, and forget pricing at the magic number. There is no such thing. There is however the rules of marketing and finally real estate is changing to match other industries that have been “marketing” their products since they became successful in business. The Buyer Magnet System employs these tactics to make sure that every buyer in the market place searching for your location, your price range and your specifics knows that you are on the market and is attracted to what you have to sell. Notice that I said price range. That is another article…stay tuned!

So, good luck in your home sale and remember to magnetize your home and reel ‘em in.