Blog Post on Active Rain About Flyers… Comments Included

Rhonda Duffy

Ok- I’m starting to see a trend in my area, and I like being on the other side of this fence. Most of the listing agents in my area have decided that flyers are no longer necessary. I did an informal check in two popular neighborhoods in Brentwood this weekend, and even though we found over 30 homes for sale, we could only gather 3 flyers.

Ok, some had empty boxes (on a Saturday), but most just had a sign, no flyer box, and no information without calling the agent(good luck with that, I tried it). My point is this, potential buyers drive through a neighborhood looking for homes that may be interesting to them. They don’t always want to ride around with their buyers agent, and maybe they don’t have one yet. When they see a sign, they may look, but they usually will not call. If a flyer is available, they will usually take one just to see the price, the size, and anything else interesting.

I’ve tried IVR’s, just signs, and flyers. The best response for my buyers is still flyers with basic information, and a link to my website with more information and pictures. When asking other realtors about flyers I get a very strange answer. They want to be called so that they can capture a buyer even though they probably don’t want the listed property.

Nashville Real Estate, Larry Brewer

Comment… This is what we recommend by the way, and it is included in our 70 points of marketing.Flyers? flyer boxes? Old School! No offense but there is a better way, we use a 800 call capture system. Whereas we have a system 800 number with an extension code for each property. (it just says on the sign for a 24 hour recorded message) And people do call, on the script that I use, I mention all the features, square footage, bed / bath and all the amenities associated with it.

Now at the end of the call I just say “If you would like additional information, to include the asking price, just press zero and speak to someone from the Cramer Team.” They will either press zero and talk directly to us, or they will leave a message.

Either way it doesn’t matter why? Because we have the call capture system, with their number we call them back and begin the conversation. Our objective is to establish a good communication right off the bat, then we determine the needs as much as possible on the first call, then most important we get there email, and begin the process.

We have many testimonials how this has really helped our business. If you interested, just call our 800-452-5667 hit ext 2041 it’s my favorite and you’ll get a idea how the system works.

Good luck, and happy selling.

John and Linda Cramer