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Rhonda Duffy

, Atlanta Smart Home Buyer

In a recent article in our local, major newspaper, a reporter interviewed a veteran agent who had been in the business over 15 years. The agent boasted that she will remain in real estate because she had made changes to her criteria of how she will work with a buyer. She reported that one of the changes is that the buyers must search the internet and narrow down the houses by driving by the house and then she will take them to the house, which ultimately will save her gas.

Well folks, this particular agent does not give her buyers any of her commission on her sale, and yet, she expects her buyers to do their own research, taking their precious time to look at the houses on the internet. This of course will require no previewing by her. Then she wants them to take more time and costs to drive by the house and then will have them go back with her later by appointment only. She even said that they are prohibited to talk to the listing agent or the seller and if they do so, she will drop them as clients.

Now, what incenses me the most is that we, at Duffy Realty, have decided that most buyers are going to do this work anyway. The only difference is that we recognize that we used to do the work of previewing the home both on the internet and in person and that by having the buyer do it, it has drastically decreased the amount of time that we need to spend in the home search. So, we decided that we should absolutely share our commission with the buyers to reward them for the work they are doing. It is only fair.

Yes, you heard it right, we pay our buyers to help us search for their homes. It is not a rule or a requirement to use our service, but if the buyer wants to do the work that most likely they were going to do anyway, we will split our commission with them.

We do everything in our power to support their search. We set our buyers up with personal websites that will email them when a house comes on the market or lowers their price based on the criteria that they have given us.

We are available at any time to step in after the buyers have found the house or houses that they are interested to show them the house and all of the positives and negatives involved with it. We train our buyer agent specialists not to be cheerleaders with commission breath but to be devils advocates, allowing our clients to go into the property eyes wide open. Because we have vast experience on negotiating high volume transactions, we are able to use our Secret Formula for contracts to get the buyer the very best deal possible. We are really good at negotiation because when you are not spending your time showing buyers homes that they are not interested in, it allows you to work with more buyers. This gives you more experience in the places of the transaction that matter, like contracts, which allows you to focus on getting the very best deal for the buyer.

And when the property closes, we receive our commission and we split it out with our clients. This is the Duffy Buyer Cash Bonus. And besides getting a share of the commission, the best part is the service is absolutely free. Our experienced agents help make a buyer’s home search more efficient and focused and for those who choose to be our clients, put commission in their pocket, all at no charge to the buyer.

In a nutshell, the bonus commission split the buyer makes is based on the amount of houses we take them to. The very least amount that we will pay a buyer is $500 and the most they can make is all the way up to ½ of our commission.

If you have interest in joining the other smart buyer clients of Duffy Realty, and get this free experienced assistance and a split of our commission as well is to give us a call at 678-892-1186. All of the details to get you started are found on my website: .