Atlanta Real Estate Sales

Rhonda Duffy

Atlanta has always been and will always be a sought after community for homebuyers. Atlanta offers the largest airport in the country and is a transportation hub of the entire southeast. Thus, employers are forever likely to place a regional headquarters in this area. In fact, there are more regional offices of Fortune 500 companies in Atlanta, than other city in the world!

Because of the constant migration of workers, both professional and retail/service oriented, to Atlanta and the surrounding area it is easy to hire people which makes it easy for employers to keep their operations running smoothly and profitable. The population of Atlanta has increased from 2 million to 5 million in just the past 20 years.

The culture in Atlanta is well rounded and you can find almost any type of event that you are looking for. Opera, sports, jazz, theatre, historic sites and entertainment are all a part of the event planning that a homebuyer might seek on a lazy weekend.

If you want to travel, the mountains are one hour away, the beach is five hours away and the popular destinations of Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina and Tennessee are a quick drive away and easy to get to. Atlanta does offer more variety for travel than any other state that I know of. And, travel specials are easy to get from Atlanta on all major airlines.

Many hip areas have come about and are thriving. Walking areas have increased with many restaurants making the statement that they want to be part of these areas. Lofts, townhomes and condos have taken over the midtown area of Atlanta, but you can find lofts almost in any city of the metro Atlanta area now.

The transportation system is solid in Atlanta though many roads are still too small to support rush hour traffic going east/west. As a result, commuters have found relief with the building and use of HOV lanes for speedy transit when they have two or more people in the car. MARTA, the rapid transit train system is spreading all over Atlanta and offers a bus system to support secondary roads in surrounding counties. MARTA is clean, safe and inexpensive compared to many cities around the country. Amtrak and Greyhound report that they are continually full and of course, as I mentioned above, the airport is one of the busiest in the World.

Housing differs from area to area, but there are more “new neighborhoods” than old. What I mean by that is there are more neighborhoods less than 25 years in age than there are neighborhoods of 100 years in age or more. Many older neighborhoods have had spurts of rehabilitation and surges of interest because of the 200-year-old trees and smaller mature landscaping that are present.

A powerful reason that people choose to live in Atlanta is the cost of living. Housing is less costly here and more abundant than other metropolitan areas of the country. I have rarely run across a buyer that says that housing is more expensive here than where they are moving in from. And, there seems to be more value here with the styles of construction that we use. Two story houses are predominate and the only down side is that most builders take the beautiful tree line and knock it right down to save building costs.

While other areas of the country are reporting extreme gas prices, I continually notice that we are always at least ten cents less per grade across the board. Groceries are less here as well because the transportation is easier and cheaper. Basically the cost of living is superior for someone on a budget.

So, if you are a home buyer considering Atlanta, or a seller considering selling, please keep this in mind so that you don’t squash your dreams to buy or sell in Atlanta.

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