Atlanta Homes Sold By Owner

Rhonda Duffy

What I have learned from the many Sellers who have sold their home in the by owner fashion is that they want the opportunity to do so. Most Sellers share many of these reasons as to why they love the opportunities afforded to them by the for sale by owner model:

1. They want the opportunity to show their own home and tell their story to every person who will listen.

2. They want to market their home however they want without the penalty of having to pay an agent when a neighbor’s mother or a friend from church buys the home.

3. They want to meet and know the buyer and the buyer’s family.

4. They want to be able to accept the offer that they want to accept without having the pressure of an agent telling them to take the offer because they have commission breath and ulterior motives.

5. They want the home to be sold solely on their terms.

6. They want to avoid a listing agent’s commission and/or a buyer’s agent commission that they think are too much.

7. They don’t trust agents, especially when it comes to negotiating on the Seller’s terms instead of their own or conveying the full message of conversations that they have had with fellow agents.

What most Sellers who have this mindset do tell me is that they want all of these conditions, plus, they want exposure. They want the things that only an agent can give them, like listing the property, access to Internet websites that are fed by the MLS, and help on the contract, but all on their terms.

Thank goodness there is a shift in the way that real estate is now sold. Now, Sellers have the option of something in between for sale by owner where they have no exposure and no help and the traditional agent system where they have to follow all of the rules of the agent and their brokerage.

If you are interested in how the real estate world has changed, and the gap between for sale by owner and traditional agency has been forever bridged, look at the best example that there is…

Duffy Realty of Atlanta.