Atlanta Full Service Agent

Rhonda Duffy

So, you are looking for an Atlanta full service agent. Do you know what full service means? What is full service? Ask 100 agents and you’ll get 100 different definitions.

Let’s first take a look at what full service is not.

A full service real estate listing by all the agent’s standards that I know does not include:

Grass cutting
Planting landscaping
Painting the inside or outside of the house
Cleaning the house
Checking the mail while you are on vacation
Standing in the yard naked waving in buyers
Talking around the water cooler at the office
Giving up their commission to make a deal work
Going to all the businesses around the home to tell everyone about it
Holding a neighbor party to show off the house
Watering the plants to keep them pretty
Cleaning up dog poop in the yard

Okay, you might ask where I got this list? I compiled it by talking to plenty of sellers (over 15,000) in the last 6 years. I discussed with them what they thought the agent that they interviewed was going to do for them for the cost of their commission. A commission by the way most thought was an exorbitant cost for listing their home. Many sellers have told me that this is what they asked the agent to do for them during the house sale and the agents said no.

So, what is full service real estate?

This is a list of what I have heard that agents will do.

Devise a strategy based on home prices in your neighborhood that might include your house price being less than any other active listing
List the home in the MLS
Print and make flyers
Add the home to a few websites
Call other agents for feedback or send an email
Call bi-monthly to revise the strategy (this includes a standard recommendation to lower the price of course and a request for you to do more work to your home to justify your price)
Put a yard sign and directional (sometimes out in the yard)
Add some pictures to the MLS, or not

Is this enough to get your home sold?

No, it is not.

The reason that it is not is that it does not expose your home to the four types of buyers that are in the market place. Two of which who simply do not even search the MLS public sites until they have exhausted the for-sale-by-owner methods of advertising. Remember, when most agents say full service, what they mean is they will counsel you with all the excuses about why your home as not sold, but barely have ever given a thought about what an effective marketing plan in today’s market is.

If you want to see full service, start with the company that offers the most amount of marketing. Duffy Realty of Atlanta offers 70+ points of marketing on every home we list, no matter whether it is $100K or $4 million. The same system sells every price range, any style of home in any location. If the company that you are considering does not have 70+ points of marketing in their system, you must consider them to be less than full service.

Full service standards are set by the most points of marketing that is offered to clients. Period. We not only provide those 70+ points of marketing; we spell them out to you, one by one, on our DuffyRealtyofAtlanta.com website. Print up these 70+ of marketing and use it as your roadmap. This massive exposure coupled with price savings on commission is how we have sold 6,500 properties in just 6 years.

Have any “full-service” agent that you are interviewing initial each of our 70+ points of marketing that we are willing to do for you that they are willing to do for you. You will watch their pen dry up right before your very eyes. Duffy Realty is true full service for a flat fee.