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Working At Duffy Realty As An Agent

Real Estate Career in Atlanta

NEWS FLASH:  Duffy Realty is 100% Employee/Agent Owned and the Employee/Agents did not pay anything to get ownership!  New owners will be added as we continue to grow. That really means that each and every beneficial owner at Duffy Realty has a pension plan! Read all about it here.


We are currently hiring for TWO positions at Duffy Realty  -  Buyer Showing Agent - can grow to be an owner and will make about 35K per year working part time and west side of Atlanta Listing Agent who will automatically be a beneficial owner of Duffy Realty and will make about 45K per year working 5 days a week (including weekends).  Both of these jobs require an active Georgia Real Estate License.

If you are interested in attending an interview click here to fill out our questionnaire. Then, click here to see our interview schedule. 

Here are testimonials from some of our recent interviewees:

"In following up to Tuesday's interview, I would like to express how grateful I am to have been a part of such a dynamic and insightful meeting. I am excited about Duffy Realty's model, strategies and success. I can assure you that being a part of your team I will exercise my abilities to match that of your company."D. Palmer

"It was a pleasure meeting you today! Your dynamic personally, no nonsense attitude and uplifting spirit has been very motivating and inspiring to me. It's refreshing to meet someone like you who has a solid plan for success and proven record. I want to apart of a winning team and will be honored to have the opportunity to be one of your 'partners'."L. Christian

"Please thank Mrs. Duffy for the opportunity to speak with her today. The pre-interview was very enlightening and, regardless of the outcome, I am better because of it." - D. John

"If you would be so kind as to relate to Rhonda how impressed I was with the interview process and the opportunity afforded me to participate.  I left feeling like I had been trying to get a drink of water from a fire hydrant, so much flying around the room. I did benefit from the comments made to me and the others. When she told me 'you should be building' I felt like Moses at the 'burning bush'! was very much worth the time and thanks to you and Rhonda, I did have a good time!" - D.S.

"Rhonda, I appreciate the support.  It was a very good experience - one in which it made me start using my mind again.  Being in my last job, you tend to just go through the motions and forget how to think... so it helped me a lot.  I was planning on taking the "classroom" course for my license....but after our meeting, I am looking into the online course (so I don't have to wait a month to get started). It was a very positive experience." - S. Larson

Agents at Duffy Realty are known to SUCCEED, just look for yourself at their sales in the last year in FMLS or GAMLS. We use a process that allows our agents to work with more buyers and to be more successful at getting the buyers to making a remorse-free purchase and to get more referrals!

Top 10 Reasons to Join Duffy Realty Today

  1. Choose your role as we expand because we promote from the inside –  Team Leader, Showing Agent, Listing Agent or Team Support. 
  2. Proprietary System for Selling Real Estate using a Timeline with the Buyer. You have NEVER seen anything like this before.  It leads to great testimonials from our buyers!

    This is a recent Duffy Realty agent testimonial that speaks to our system.

    "I asked you when I was first hired as a Team Leader if it was realistic to think of closing 4-5 homes per month here at Duffy. I asked if anyone was doing that. You assured me that it was being done and it could be done here. It has taken me a while, but it is happening. I have 8 closings I expect to have happen in February and March. And I may add more to that before the end of March.  What a great opportunity Rhonda has given us all!  Thanks for all you do. I have learned a lot from you and appreciate the role you play in the company." - Randall Walters (Team Member since 2012)

  3. Buyer Cash Bonus for Buyers, the automatic cash closing gift of appreciation that we give our buyers, that leads to greater client gratitude and even more referrals for you.
  4. Consistent Training using a thought-out and powerful system.  Everyone at Duffy is trained to interchange with each other so that team members can take a vacation and still be making money.
  5. Leadership from the #1 Agent in Georgia – and #1 ranked Retail Agent and Team in the U.S. for SOLD properties and the #1 Short Sale Agent in Georgia and you are acting as her partner!  Rhonda is an expert in marketing and in winning business and she is generous in sharing her knowledge with her team.  The seeming endless number of buyer leads number reaches into the thousands each month and have steadily increased each year in business. Those leads come from many sources; an exhaustive advertising budget, through inclusion on multiple high-profile internet portals, the tesimonials and referrals of Rhonda's 25,000+ past "raging advocate" clients, and the buyers who call in from the yard signs of 750+/- active resale and short sale listings at any given time all over the streets of Atlanta. And Rhonda doesn't work with buyer clients herself. They all go to you and your fellow buyer's agent specialists without being cherry picked over.
  6. You CAN work full time in real estate and make a living.
  7. We teach you efficiency with tools like Conference Calling, Google Docs, Canned Responses and many more tools that are essential to working with volume.
  8. You will learn to be more confident in real estate than ever before due to our orientation, ongoing training, processes and tools.
  9. We offer broker support and training with written tests, videos, meetings, access to someone 7 days a week and standards that will not let you be sloppy or fail.
  10. You have a support staff organized, trained and equipped to help you SUCCEED.


Duffy Realty offers a unique experience to serious agents. Agents are given a process to use to not only look professional, but to be professional. According to the NAR, most agents fail in real estate and have an income at poverty level. We believe that this scary statistic is due to the fact that first, most agents don’t have a circle of friends and family large enough to support their income. Then, because of the lack of transactions, (NAR reports that most agents do less than 2 deals per year), most agents don’t have a system that is in writing that they follow every time they are with a buyer. In essence they are making it up as they go along. And next, because of the uncertainty in how to handle trendy and certain situations, the agent burns out quickly due to the drama in real estate. Buyers report that they feel this when working with most agents according to a new survey done by the Texas Housing Commission. The buyer then lashes out because they resent this lack of process from the agent, and they just secretly go away by telling the agent after months of working with them that they are not going to buy.

Agents who have been in the business for years are not able to survive in real estate any longer because they don’t have the support and system needed to rise above poverty level and make the living that once was made by agents when times were good.

Don't be that agent. Be the agent who takes control of their present and future by seeing the logical and promising path offered before you. There is a reason Rhonda has been the documented #1 Agent in Georgia for 10 years in a row. Learn why that is and incorporate it in to becoming your new real estate business model!

If you are interested in attending an interview click here to fill out our questionnaire. Then, click here to see our interview schedule. 

10 Cumming Street
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Click here to read testimonials from the agents who have and do work at Duffy Realty