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Shane Vaughn with Duffy Realty : Buyer Success Stories

We are serious about testimonials. We are 92% referred and we take that responsibility VERY seriously. We strive to be the very best while knowing that the only way that happens is for us to seek knowledge constantly and use it as much as possible in a precise strategy for our clients.  Join us and see what we have to offer for you and you too will write us a testimonial.  I would stake my reputation on it.

- Rhonda Duffy

I am so grateful that I chose Shane Vaughn as my Realtor. He kept me calm throughout this entire process. He educated me and gave all the details on each home that we saw. He is very punctual and a joy to work with. Being a first-time home buyer, Shane walked me through the process and we focused on the timeline, I never felt rushed to make a decision and he always made sure I would be happy in the end. I like Duffy Realty’s approach in today’s market and I’ve never had an issue working with Duffy or Shane, in fact, I actually recommended a friend of mine to Shane while I was in the process of finding a home, she closed with Shane and we both have nothing but great things to say about him and Duffy Realty.

Anthony Lee, CPP, Austell, GA

When our first agent went MIA, we found Duffy Realty and they were very helpful in pairing us with the best agent, Shane. He was very knowledgeable of the short sale process and his help and guidance enabled my son get his first home. Thanks a million SHANE!

Mary Lindholm, Duluth, GA

Shane constantly went above and beyond as my agent. He was always available to answer questions, gave straight-forward, accurate responses every time, and genuinely cared about me as a buyer. I would recommend Shane to anyone looking to purchase a home, as he made the experience so pleasant, even in times of stress! :-) I do not have any one currently to refer, but at the first sign, I will give Shane their info! Shane was a joy to work with!!!

Crystal Evans, Atlanta, GA

All I know about Duffy Realty is what our agent told us, all was extremely positive. I really received more service than I expected which was extremely helpful. Shane went Went above and beyond in accommodating us as clients. I fully plan to refer friends and others to agent and Duffy.

David Arrowood, Canton, GA

As a first time home buyer, I want to thank Shane and the Duffy Realty for making this a great experience. Shane not only answered my questions, but went above and beyond to make sure that I new the process and understood it. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home and hope that we can work together again the future.

David Parisi, Alpharetta, GA

Shane was the most competent person I've met through this whole process. He was helpful, available, professional and breath of fresh air. Even while I was dealing with struggles with my lender, he answered every phone call, explains every moving piece and answered all of my questions. Shane made sure I knew exactly what was going on and what was happening.

Rachel Blankenship, Atlanta, GA

Shane-you are exactly the kind of realtor I can appreciate. Your job dedication, your energy and your enthusiasm for helping a prospective buyer is admirable. That said, it is with some regret that I'm sending this letter to terminate our realtor-buyer relationship. I have decided to buy/build a house in South Carolina. Otherwise, I would like to wish you well and much success in all your endeavors.

Lando H Fountain, Jr.

Shane is an outstanding agent! He made the buying process so easy and smooth. Shane took us through all the steps of the process and where we should be at each point. I will recommend Shane whenever I can! Shane presents himself professionally and makes you feel very comfortable in the buying process. Shane is always on time and communicates very clearly between the buyer and seller and was helpful in our negotiations. I have worked with many agents in the past but Shane is the best! I wish I had someone who is buying but I do not. I will definitely refer them to Shane when it comes up!

Christina Hermoyian, Marietta, GA

My wife and I consider ourselves lucky to work with Shane. His professionalism, eye for detail, refined advice, and industry experience provided us the results we asked for. Coupling his service with Duffy's turn-key process allowed the engineer in me to relax as the shopping process began. All in all, from start to close I knew that Shane was on our side instead of trying to push us through the system. It is that balance between 'caring' and 'process automation' that sets Duffy apart. The process sets expectations up front so her team can focus on getting to know us better. Well done. Big thumbs up for Shane, and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Travis Akins, Dallas, GA

Shane was simply the best! He went beyond what we expected to recover the house for us after we almost lost it. We also learned things from listening to the tapes by Duffy Realty that we had not previously known. Very informative!! Shane will be the agent that I will go to and recommend my friends to in the future. I will definitely tell everyone I meet in the future about Shane Vaughn at Duffy Realty!!

Adlyn Poe Paul, Fairburn, GA

I would highly, highly, recommend Shane Vaughn to anyone who is either buying or selling a home. He makes sure you understand the process, the paperwork, your rights, and he really works to get you the best deal. He has always been a phone call or email away and stayed in touch with us. Shane always explained anything to us we did not understand and would point out things we were not aware of. I feel Shane has integrity and I would definitely use his services again. He's the best and he made this process so much easier.

Kay Kitchens, Covington, GA

Shane was very helpful during my new home buying experience. He shared his real estate knowledge & experience and documents/templates that were very helpful. Shane is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I recommend Shane & Duffy Realty to others with real estate needs and look forward to working with them in the future.

Ashish Khorana, Johns Creek, GA

It was my past experience with Shane that made me contact him again when my mom wanted to try again to buy a house. Not only is Shane professional, he is always on time and never makes you feel like he is being inconvenienced or that you are not a valued customer. He is prompt at responding to questions and always does what needs to be done in order to get the deal done. With Shane I never have to worry about submission deadlines being missed. Shane is very flexible and gives attention where needed from beginning to end. n Shane has demonstrated. Kudos to Shane. Duffy Realty owes much of its success to Shane Vaughn. I especially appreciated the tools used by Duffy Realty. They were clear and easy to understand and Shane's presentation of documents was impressive.

Yvonne Stovall, Snellville, GA

Shane was very helpful during my new home buying experience. He shared his real estate knowledge & experience and documents/templates that were very helpful. Shane is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I recommend Shane & Duffy Realty to others with real estate needs and look forward to working with them in the future.

Ash Khorana, Johns Creek, GA

As first time home buyers, we feel incredibly lucky to have found Shane with Duffy Realty. Shane has been so flexible, informative and patient. His guidance and advice made us feel comfortable with our big purchase. We will be recommending Duffy Realty to all of our friends and family!

Ryan & Meagan Mellick, Atlanta, GA

I began my home search in November 2010 with the expectation that I would find something in six months. After a frustrating experience with another agent, I found Shane Vaughn at Duffy Realty; and he was the right agent for me. He lived in the area where I wanted to live and he had a background in mortgages and building construction. It was easy for me to talk to him out mortgage options and home repairs. Finding Duffy Realty renewed my faith in the home buying process. I highly recommend Shane Vaughn at Duffy Realty to anyone looking for an agent.

Kevin Stevens, Atlanta, GA

I was informed on all matters concerning a new purchase plus support group meetings.

Larry Crawford, Atlanta, GA

Dear Shane, I want to thank you for the great service you provided in helping me purchase my new home. Your professionalism and attention to detail is awesome. I had never heard of a real estate company that would rebate a portion of the commission to the buyer!! This is indeed an offer that can't be refused. I have purchased several homes in the past, and this was the best experience of all. I appreciate the unique focus Duffy Realty places on educating the client. The video and print materials are excellent. The time line is a valuable tool. I will highly recommend you and Duffy Realty to anyone needing the services of a realtor.

Renee Karriem

This was my first experience buying my own place. While having worked with Realtors in the past, mostly to look for rentals and at one point houses, I must say my recent experience with the Duffy Team has been much different. I have been pleasantly surprised by Duffy's ""tools"" they provide to help guide and inform the buyer with the process. Early in the process I was presented a visual time line of the steps and transactions which would be taking place in the event I moved forward on the property I was interested in. This was explained by my very well informed Duffy sales agent, Shane Vaughn. In addition, Shane has been very flexible and quick to return my questions with call backs and emails. I thought that once the binder was done I would not hear as often from him, or get my questions answered as quickly, but again I was surprised by the continued professional attention Shane has demonstrated. Lastly and the icing on the cake is the opportunity to get a little something back in terms of the 1% percent commission, which really helps too. It's great that everyone wins and I could not be happier with my soon to be townhouse. Thanks again to all of you and especially Shane.

Toni M. Lublin

I appreciate everything Shane and Duffy Realty has done for us during this purchasing process. The level of professionalism has been impressive, and we look forward to working with Shane and Duffy Realty in the future. Thank you for everything!

Bryan Morris

Shane went above and beyond to help us find a house without steps! I can't praise him highly enough. He is amazing!!!

Caroline Coppedge, Acworth,GA

Shane is the best agent we have ever worked with , he completely understands our needs and takes active interest in finding our house as if he is finding his own house.

Shane is helping us in each and every step of our buying process and makes us understand everything which we need to know before buying house.

I think i would not have got my house without Shane.

Mihir Soni, Canton GA

We didn't start off with Shane. We had another Duffy agent who was not knowledgeable and helpful. We were going to go with another relator with another agency when Shane was recommended. The experience was so much better. He was knowledgeable and professional. He walked us through the process.

Cynetta Freeman, Lithonia GA

Shane was great. He provided very helpful information that I needed to get thru the process. Shane was always available to show houses and answer questions.

Willie Wright, Smyrna, GA

Shane was the consummate professional throughout our home buying process. His thorough knowledge of the various processes proved invaluable along the way. I plan on recommending him to anyone I know that needs an expert agent.

Kasey Freeman