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Seller Step 1

Step 1. Make your home a product.

1. Clean anything that is dirty to make it look new by using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
2. Remove any possessions smaller than a football to make the room look larger.
3. Remove excessive throw rugs.
4. Organize your home with the appearance that you are very meticulous – this shows that you care about your home.
5. Position your furniture to feature the features of the home.
6. Add curb appeal by adding fresh pine straw and perhaps some flowers.

Enhanced Preparation:

1. Paint in neutral earth tones in any area that has wallpaper, bright colors or looks dated.
2. Replace light fixtures with new models (relatively inexpensive).
3. Replace any light plates and electrical plates that look dirty or old.
4. Offer decorating allowances at places where objections might be by placing a notecard stating Decorating Allowance Available.

We have a team of listing specialists who visit your home to help you figure out what else can be done to enhance your condition versus price. Although we have been trained by our recommended Stager, if we feel that you need some help from her based on your strategy, we will let you know. When we come to your home, we are there to list it and you can continue to make your changes.

FACT: Most homes need minor changes done to make it a product yet many sellers stress as if they have to rehab the whole house and start from scratch.

Our recommended Stager is Michelle Yackel and you can view her offerings here. We have no upcharge fees for you to use her. Her fees are as low as $250.00 and she is incredible! You will make your money back!