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Ray Hammond With Duffy Realty: Buyer Success Stories


I had a great experience with Ray. He put me at ease from my first meeting with him where he laid out our game plan for finding a home and also gave me tips and resources to make the home buying process easier. Even when he had to go out of town, he was able to set up a day-long showing    appointment with a colleague where I ultimately found my home. He was great in negotiating with the listing agent and make my offer stand out. He also referred some wonderful lending and home inspection professionals who made it an easy process. Great job Ray and great job Rhonda! - Vincent S

7/ 10/16
When we listed our house with Duffy we had multiple offers in 2 days and did not have a realtor to find us house yet! Ray to the rescue! Within 15 minutes of expressing my need to find a home ASAP to a Duffy support staff member he called! Within minutes I felt completely at ease and relieved. He   lined up all the houses we needed to see within a day and after looking at several we found our house! He put the offer in and handled the process for us and our offer was immediately accepted! Ray was extremely knowledgeable throughout the process and made sure everything was exactly as it should be for closing. Couldn't be more thrilled with Ray!- Lisa D
I am a home inspector and I work with over a hundred agents. When it came time to sell an investment property, I chose Ray. His experience and knowledge puts him at the head of the pack. He had to work with my tenants and they were not happy with having to move. Ray went the extra mile to insure the showings went well and kept everyone informed of the progress. You just cannot do any better than working with Ray.
- Rod H


Dear Ray:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for selling our home in Georgia and to let you know what a pleasure it was working with you. I really thought the whole process would be a nightmare since I live out of state but you made it smooth sailing and at times enjoyable. Your attention to detail combined with sincere caring about your client was amazing. At times I felt I was the only person you were working with since you always answered my phone calls and emails promptly. Commitment like that is so rare these days. Based on my wonderful experience with Duffy Realty and more importantly, Ray Hammond, I would highly recommend your services to everyone.

Thank you, again, for such a caring attitude. At times I actually forgot you were my realtor and thought of you as my friend.


Judy McMillian

I would definitely recommend Ray Hammond with Duffy Realty.   I had a limited budget to invest in property and was interested in rural, outlying areas, not metro.   Within a just a couple of weeks a property was located meeting the criteria set.  
Ray was very attentive and showed great attention to detail during the contract period.  Several minor errors were corrected and addressed before they became problems.
Ray was also very knowledgeable regarding available service providers, lending institutions, and other matters that became important and were under time constraints during the house purchase process.
Everything happened in a timely manner and was handled in an expeditious manner.  I would certainly recommend Ray Hammond as a realtor.  He took a daunting and overwhelming task and made it manageable, brought it to a quick satisfactory outcome.
Steve McKinney
Ray Hammond is an exceptional real estate agent. I can say this with confidence because he was instrumental in not only selling our current home, but also in purchasing our new home. He made the process painless and fluid! He explained every aspect for each of the transactions. He always had time to answer any questions we had and always seemed to be available (even when it was late!). Mr. Hammond even maintained, until the very end, that we were his “favorite clients” — even after showing us what seemed like 50 houses. My wife had purchased a home before, and so I was not as familiar with the process. I greatly appreciated how patient Ray was with me, even when I became frustrated. It was truly a pleasure to work with Ray. I would recommend him to anyone I knew that was trying to sell a home, purchase a home, or needed advice in either area. I hear that selling and buying a home can be complicated and very stressful. I can honestly say that I wish everything else was as easy and painless as selling and buying a home with Ray Hammond.
-Brandon D Clark