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Duffy Realty Savings Calculator

$44,504,903 in traditional commissions has been saved by Duffy sellers!

Your House's Sale Price

Their Commission


Duffy Commission
with buyers agent
($500 + .0075 + 3%)

Duffy Commission
without buyers agent
($500 + .0075)

Duffy Realty makes you money by only charging $500 upfront and .0075 at closing plus 3% if a buyer's agent is involved.

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Real Estate 2016 Update

Homes are Selling! Some sellers are receiving multiple offers, others are selling in just a few short days on the market.  Our average days on the market is 34 and we make sellers $9,000 more because we are Full Service and Beyond AND we have reduced our listing commission while still offering massive marketing.  What do we do?  EVERYTHING it takes to get your homes sold.  We have 2 listing commissioin options to list your property - our famous $500.00 flat fee listing paid at the time of listing and then .0075 of the sales price at closing OR a more traditional 3% listing commission paid only when sold.  Over 19,000 Atlantans have sold their home with Duffy Realty.  May we make you 19,001? List today - Move next month.

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