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Duffy Realty Savings Calculator

$44,504,903 in traditional commissions has been saved by Duffy sellers!

Your House's Sale Price

Their Commission


Duffy Commission
with buyers agent
($500 + .0075 + 3%)

Duffy Commission
without buyers agent
($500 + .0075)

Duffy Realty makes you money by only charging $500 upfront and .0075 at closing plus 3% if a buyer's agent is involved.

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Real Estate 2018 Update

Homes are selling in this hot, ferocious Seller’s market!   Some sellers are receiving multiple offers, others are selling in just a few short days on the market.  Average days on market is only 34 days for DUFFY Sellers because we have pulled out all of the stops by using our DUFFY Secrets and matching them with the 1,000s of buyers in our database long before they hit the market.  The average DUFFY Seller’s bottom line on their closing statement states that they kept $9,000 for themselves after their sale using our modern real estate system versus wasting the commission fees if they had chosen the old fashioned model.  Some Sellers are receiving offers to rent their home to a great family.  No problem while using DUFFY, they just take it off the market and can return at anytime in the future at no charge.  DUFFY Realty works in any market but in this market it EXCELS to save Sellers time AND money they can spend with their family.  Happiness just makes sense.

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