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We Know Real Estate. Results Matter to Us.


Want to get rid of your home quickly and make a profit? I know how you can and I can PROVE it!

My Clients SOLD Their Homes in Half The Time of Their Neighbors, at a Higher Price AND They Saved Money. Why Were 819 Of My Sellers Successful in Selling Their Homes in 2007 While Their Neighbor's Homes Sat on The Market?

My friend, you are about to learn how I sold 819 of my listed homes in 2007 and 2008 numbers look to be about the same. I've accomplished this while other agents struggle to sell even 2 houses per year according to the National Association of Realtors.

So, take off your shoes, grab a beverage and learn the most important concepts that will make your home sale the easiest and most enjoyable process that you could imagine.

Dear Seller:

If you want to be rid of your home and on to your next adventure...

If you can already imagine the closing day where a buyer is glowing with the thought of moving into your home...

If you want the experience of selling your home to be fun and easy...

Then you are on the right page because you are about to learn why Duffy Realty is different than all other real estate companies in Atlanta.


Duffy Realty is The Most Proficient, Result Producing Marketing Service
For Selling Your Home in Atlanta!


I am selling you the most efficient, least expensive and result driven method of marketing and selling your home in Atlanta. This is all while providing you with the same services of a traditional agent - only with a powerful twist. I am a Realtor and my company is a licensed real estate company. I have been on the Real Estate Commissioner's Task Force in Georgia and I am regarded as a national consumer advocate and expert - you may have seen me on TV or heard me on the radio. And, you have seen us all over Atlanta with our green and white yard signs and Too Late and Under Contract signs. We are 92% referred and we will be relying on you to keep that referral percentage alive and well after you join us.

My service not only produces outstanding results with less days on the market but my sellers also walk away from the closing table with their heads high and spirit floating because they've put money in their pocket, not mine.

I know how you are feeling, I hear it everyday from people just like you who are anxious to get rid of their home and they want to make profit as well. They have heard that it is a "slow market" and the media is acting like there are no buyers to be found. It simply is not as bad as the media is portraying. We have less inventory than we had at the start of 2007 and I will show you if you like, that things are selling.


I Am The #1 Agent in Georgia, #10 in The U.S. and
Numbers Directly From the MLS Don't Lie!


Because my listings sell at a rapid rate, I have been the #1 agent in Georgia for the last 4 years and ranked #10 in the U.S. by I host a weekly radio show helping consumers understand just what it takes to get a home sold in record time. I stake my reputation on what I tell you. My sales average is 77 days on the market while the MLS reports that other agents average 170 days on market before they get a home sold. I can prove my numbers to you directly from the MLS and there is one thing for sure - numbers don't lie.

I have listed over 10,000 properties in my history in real estate and 9,500 of those have been listed while I have owned Duffy Realty in the last 7 years. We have sold over 7,000 properties and I want you to be next. There is hope and your choices will make the difference.

Paying Less Money Does Not Equal Less Service - With Duffy Realty It Equals Results


Some people have the misconception that because I charge you less money, you get less service. This is not true. You get more service, more expertise, less confusion and far more efficiency than any company that we know of in Atlanta, as professed by our clients. We utilize more innovative techniques and technology than any other company in Atlanta and we know what it takes to sell homes. Don't be fooled by the old saying that you get what you pay... that is an adage for companies that have not produced the results that we have. The question is not how do I charge so little, the question is, why do others charge so much? They charge you so much more money with far less results. What's all of that about?

I have proven that it takes less than the money that I charge you to list and market a home and get the result of the home being sold. Of course, I could not afford to charge you only $500 and .0075 of your sales price if I only listed 1 or 2 houses a week. I list 40 to 50 houses a week. Don't worry, I am making plenty of money and I don't have to get it all from you.

The flip side of this is companies who don't charge enough. Without paid websites and fully-rounded marketing, including experience and tips that will help you individually, you will not be as successful. I have numbers to prove that too.


Anyone Can Use My Service - No Extra Time Needed From You
Versus a Traditional Listing - You Will Spend The Same Amount of Effort


I have created a system that is so easy, a first time seller or someone with no time to do anything can use this service and walk away a winner. I do all the work and you reap the benefits. A lot of my inventory is vacant and sometimes the owners live far away from the home. These facts are no problem with our system and I will show you why. Don't think for minute that you will be doing more work because you are paying less commission.


Vacant Houses and Out of Town Sellers - Not a Problem


Part of the 70 points of marketing and service at Duffy Realty is that we can show your home when you can't. Because almost 40% of our inventory is vacant, we have a team of buyer's agents who can show your home to buyers who do not have an agent. We collect the buyer's agent commission if the buyer buys the home and we are REALLY good at showing homes. And, even if you are not out of town or your house is not vacant, don't worry, we can show your home for you too. You will simply fill out an authorization form.


Financial Stress Can Be Alleviated With Duffy Realty


I know that many of you out there are in a financial situation wherein you really need to sell your home NOW. I can't guarantee that you are going to sell NOW, but I can tell you that if there was ever a way to sell quickly, this is the only way I know to do it. My system has proven that a well-rounded marketing plan provides you with the exposure needed. Some of this comes with our pricing method wherein we do not want you to lower the price. And, the spread that you save in our listing commission alone allows you to accept more offers. The fact that you are involved in the strategy process makes you more alert to getting your home sold quicker. Again, not to toot my own horn, but I have sold 1,000 more homes in the last year and half than any other agent in Atlanta. If there is a way to sell your home, it will be with my way. Remember, I have perfected this plan over the last 6 ½ years with the over 6,500 sellers who have successfully sold with the help of Duffy Realty.


Pay Your Friend Agent to Help You - But Let Us List The Home


Many of my clients know someone in real estate that is a friend, past real estate agent or someone that they have already interviewed. They tell me that they are in a quandary about what to do about that relationship but have a desire to use us because they know that we are the best for them. No problem. We have solved that issue for you. Simply tell them that if they are able to round up a buyer for you, that you will pay them a bonus commission. They can advertise the home for you, do open houses etc... to round up a buyer. The point here is that if they don't bring you a buyer, you won't pay a bonus. This works like a charm and you get to keep your friendship and listing commission savings! I think true friends understand business and the fact that you need your profit for yourself and family.


Other Agents Not Only Show Our Homes - They Sell Our Homes


I also have heard that some agents who are interviewing for the listing agent job tell my potential clients that they and others do not show Duffy Realty houses. Well, you can see for yourself the amount of agents that not only showed our homes, they sold our homes. I have posted the 819 homes that I sold in 2007 here on the website for your review. Notice how many agents brought the buyer to the home and sold the home and the vast amount of companies that they work for. This proves that the myth simply can not be true. We outsell the average agent 600 times. We also run lockbox reports of our listings every month to check our success and our lockbox reports shows that our average client has 7 showings per average month that is registered from a real estate agent showing the home alone. Sometimes agents just don't have anything to say when it comes to good competition and why you should not use Duffy Realty.


We Use a Sneaky Trick at Duffy Realty - This Trick Brings in All Salivating Agents


We use a sneaky trick at Duffy Realty... Well, it really is not sneaky, it is within the rights that you have as a Duffy Seller which includes you doing ANYTHING that is legal. The more out-of-the box the better! Some of our clients offer the buyer's agent a 4% commission. This is a full 1-% higher than what most listing agents offer to the buyer's agent. This brings the agents in quicker to see the property. Now, an agent can't sell a home to a buyer who does not want to buy it, but the chance to get the home shown is greatly increased with this trick. Now, we have an additional trick of adding real eye-catching bonuses for the agents AND the buyers.


No Agent Can Do Or Will Do More Advertising For You


Occasionally, I hear from people who call to hire me that they need an agent to "push" their property. Okay, whereas that term was applicable 10 years ago, it simply is not applicable today. When the MLS books were published, the public needed agents to tell them what was listed. At that time the term "push" made sense because agents needed to tell other agents about the homes that they had listed. Today, all homes that are listed for sale are on the internet. Buyers today tell their agents what they want to see. There is no "pushing".

With that being said, I have studied the internet seriously, surveyed buyer clients and talked to industry experts to find the key to your success. I have implemented these strategies in every piece of marketing that I do for you and you will see that "pushing" today really equals a lot of common sense combined with some serious internet exposure and placement.


Experts Hold Your Hand, Laugh With You and Praise Your Success Every Step of the
Way From Marketing to Contract Negotiation


Okay, I have a confession. No one at Duffy Realty, although everyone at Duffy is a licensed agent and expert in real estate, takes themselves too seriously. It is a must to have a sense of humor if you work at Duffy. Although we are serious experts when it comes to strategies, the law and your success, we all want to have fun and we wish the same for you. We figure we can either take a miserable process and make it fun or we can just keep it miserable. If having fun sounds like something that you would like to add to the project of selling your home, I can guarantee, we are the best service to choose in Atlanta.


Additional Benefits of Using My Service to Get Your Home Sold


Here are some of the many benefits that my clients report to me everyday after they hand the keys to their home to their buyer.

  1. You will be empowered.
  2. You will be in charge of your sale with us guiding and walking you through step-by-step. We will never force you to sell to anyone that you don't want to sell to or anyone that you don't like.
  3. You will learn just as much as you want to know about real estate (optional).
  4. You will save at least 2.5% of the sales price and possibly 5.5% if the buyer is not working with an agent.
  5. For our clients who are plagued by the neighborhood agent who harasses everyone in the area to list with them for a ridiculously low price in an attempt to sell your home quickly, you will sell quicker than your neighbors anyway. This will allow you to stick your tongue out at the agent who is devaluing your neighborhood. You'll be getting out of there and with profit too!
  6. You will become a raging advocate of the service and your friends will love you for telling them about us.
  7. SPECIAL BONUS: You will never believe what I am going to teach you that adds so much fun to the transaction that you will never sell your house without doing this ever again.


My Service IS a Traditional Marketing System With a Twist -
A Powerful Twist That Simply Produces Results!


Remember, this is a traditional marketing system with a twist. A powerful twist that has led over 6,500 sellers to closing in the last 6 years. We use the same forms, the same rules and the same processes; we have just added what we know sells homes and many options to keep tweaking the process until we get results. I have to produce results for my sellers or I simply can not remain the #1 Agent in Georgia. I know that it takes all 70 points of marketing to make your home sell and I am willing to tell you everything that I know so that you can move on...

Here are some of my client's thoughts...

This Smart Client SOLD her home using Duffy Realty in less than 6 weeks AND then used Duffy Realty's Buyer Cash Bonus to buy a home and made enough money in her Buyer Cash Bonus to do all new hardwood floors in her home.


Other people have had success too... well really more than 6,500 of them, but here are a few of my clients and what they want you to know about what my service did for them.


Much less effort and stress than had we dealt with a traditional agency...

The Duffy process helped us to sell our house with much less effort and stress than had we dealt with a traditional agency. We saved thousands of dollars, sold our house in less time than any comparably priced property in the neighborhood, and received top-notch service from the best contract negotiation team in Atlanta. We will recommend Duffy to our friends and would recommend them as a terrific alternative to a standard agency. Thanks for your help!

-Don & Meg Richards-Boeff


No offers with other agents and then there was Duffy Realty...

I would like to thank The Duffy Realty Team for their Help and Support in the pending sale of my home. I had my home listed with a traditional broker and did not receive any offers in the 90-day contract. Listing with Duffy Realty I received an acceptable offer and will close soon. THANK YOU AGAIN.

-Mitchell Kozler


Three years with a traditional agency - Two weeks with Duffy Realty

Three years! That's how long we left it to various "traditional" agents/real estate companies. Duffy Realty had a buyer for us in TWO WEEKS and less than a week later, we closed! Thank you, Duffy Realty! Definitely NOT your "traditional" real estate company/agents. Who says it is a slow market?

-David Savage


You guys have been way more proficient and successful than any other conventional brokers...

Duffy has been outstanding. You guys have been way more proficient and successful than any conventional brokers I have used in the past. Keep up the great job. Keep doing what you are doing, you are helping everyone.

-John Resnick


Sold 2 homes with Duffy in 2007!

Thanks for all your help. We sold 2 homes this year with Duffy. I bet there aren't too many of us around. Happy NEW YEAR 2008!

-J.J. Forthe


You Are Paying a Bulk Advertising Discount and in Return Getting Exposure and Proficiency!


So you have read some statements from my clients. There are 1000's more on my website both in video and written format. As you browse you will notice that many of my clients were surprised with the amount of value that they received compared to the price. Well here is a secret; when you list 40 to 50 houses a week, every week, you can offer more services, more proficiency and being efficient is just a given. Just like Costco and Sams Club, I can't serve only 2 clients per week and offer a great bulk discount. Have you seen the gas lines at Costco lately? Costco knows that they will be serving a lot of gas, so they are able to buy gas based on the fact that they will be busy. That too is where we shine. I pay for you to be on websites that would cost me a fortune if I could not dollar cost average the membership fees. You and fellow Atlantans are partaking in a bulk advertising discount when you pay your advertising fee of $500.00 to me.


100% Money Back Guarantee


I don't want you to pay for something that doesn't work for you for whatever reason. If you follow our guidelines, I can get you your money back. This is a very simple process based on traditional guidelines in real estate.


Ready to Go? Take The Next Step


So if you are ready to get the ball rolling, here are the next steps:

  1. Declutter and depersonalize your home and start cleaning.
  2. While you are cleaning, set up a listing appointment for us to visit your home and get you listed.
  3. Get onto my Strategy Website and start learning as much as you want, or not. You will get a user name and password when you list your home.
  4. Choose to have your home professionally staged or not.
  5. And then the obvious - Get an offer and we will handle everything from there...
  6. Tell all of your friends that you have found something better than sliced bread and send me a thank you gift (optional)!


So if you are ready... let's go!


Yes, Rhonda! I would like to have you list my home. Come on out and list it tomorrow. Please set an appointment for me to list my home.

Set Your Listing Appointment Now with Duffy Realty of Atlanta or call 678-366-7846

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to seeing you at the finish line with your buyer smiling ear-to-ear! Until then,


Rhonda Duffy
Consumer Advocate and Expert Realtor

P.S. I forgot to mention our latest strategy that is reaping more satisfaction for our sellers than we could have imagined. We are making offers to buyers who see our homes instead of waiting on the buyers to make an offer to us. Unusual and it is working! Now that is thinking out of the box!

P.S.S. There is no better time to sell your home. I will show you how many pending sales there are in each county right now if you write me and boy will you be surprised! Interest rates are low for buyers and buyers are reporting that they are frustrated with the lack of clean inventory to choose from. Foreclosures are one thing, but have you ever been in one? They are a totally different animal and most buyers are not prepared to buy one. Make your home shine and I will do the rest!