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Why You Should Make Up Your Own “Family Song”

Family Song

Are you looking for a fun, memorable way to create lasting family experiences with your kids? Some of the best memories don’t have to cost a dime! A family song is a great way to enhance the culture of your…

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Even Kids Like to Hear the Classics at Concerts

Concerts for a Family Activity

It is exciting to hear that your favorite band is coming to the area! Many parents are inclined to buy two tickets and leave the kids at home. But, instead of making it a couple’s night out… why not consider…

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How to Choose a Home that will be Best for Your Kids

Finding the Right Home for Your Family

There are many factors that need to be considered when you are getting ready to buy a new home. It can be an overwhelming decision! As a parent, you feel the responsibility of finding the right property that will support…

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Planning Your Next Family Trip around the Kitchen Table

Planning a Family Vacation

The best way to fully enjoy every moment of life is to plan fun activities to share with the people that you love. Have you created the family tradition of taking adventurous vacations every year? These experiences are the moments…

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Financial Management Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Financial Management for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing can be very lucrative, but it is essential that you know the numbers every step of the way. If you want to increase your earning power to create a better lifestyle for your family, then you need…

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The Best Yard for Planning the Perfect Backyard Barbecue

Perfect Backyard BBQ

The back yard provides the perfect opportunity to build strong relationships with your family and friends. Whether you are enjoying a few nightcaps around the fire or coordinating a game of flag football, a big yard can provide the space…

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Charades: When Your Living Room Becomes Broadway

Charades Group Games

As the host of the party, it is essential that you are prepared with all of the necessities for fun: food, drinks, and entertainment. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or planning a neighborhood barbecue, you can help your family…

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When a Picture Doesn’t Say 1,000 words: The Danger of Searching for Homes Online

Online Real Estate Search

Pictures are an important part of a real estate listing, and many people lean too much on the photos when they are choosing a home for their family. A common phrase in our culture is that a picture says 1,000…

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Remodeling Strategies to Maintain the Charm of an Older Home

Remodeling Strategies for Older Homes

Older homes offer charming characteristics that are difficult to create with new architecture. If you love the stories and personality that can be found in historic homes, but you want the convenience of modern design styles, then you need to…

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Couples Night Out: What to do When the Check Comes

Couple's Night Out

Everyone in a happy relationship knows that is healthy to have time alone together away from the kids. Do you make it a priority to get out once a week with just the two of you? While it is important…

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