Education for Buyers and Sellers

How to Negotiate a Home Sale

Atlanta Real Estate How to Negotiate

It is an exciting time to sell your home and move into a new place that will be a great fit for your family! But, many homeowners are discouraged when they encounter a buyer who wants to negotiate on the…

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Family Finances: Simple Tips to Cut Monthly Expenses so You Can Buy the Home of Your Dreams

Family Finances - Cut Monthly Expenses

Are you preparing to buy the home of your dreams? Then you need to make sure that you are in a position to pay for a home that will suit the needs of you family. A few small financial changes…

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Financial Mistakes to Avoid Before Buying a Home

Real Estate Financial Mistakes

Do you have a family goal to move into a new home this year? If you are ready to upgrade your living conditions or you need a bigger space, then right now is a great opportunity to talk to an…

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Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Fixer-Upper Home?

Buy a Fixer Upper

When you are shopping for a new home for your family, you need to consider the amount of work that you are willing to put into the property. Some busy professionals want a home that is move-in ready so that…

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Should College Students Buy a Property to Flip or Rent After Graduation?

Student Real Estate Purchase

The cost of tuition is going up, so many college students are looking for ways to save money and improve their financial future. Not only do you need to pay for the cost of tuition and books, but you also…

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Family Traditions: Planning Activities to Create Lasting Memories

Family Traditions

One of the most important things that you can do for your family is to create lasting memories that will build the relationships that you cherish. As your children grow up, they will remember the time that was spent doing…

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Maximize Your Buying Power By Choosing a Flat-Fee Real Estate Agent

Flat Fee Real Estate Commissions

What is your buying power for a dream home for your family? It can be a challenge to pick the perfect home if you are limited by your budget! If you are shopping for a new home, then you need…

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What Could You Buy if You Were Given an Extra $9,000?

Save Money on Real Estate Commissions

Are you ready to buy a new home, but you are feeling overwhelmed by the financial burden associated with moving? Not only will you be taking on a mortgage, but there are many other expenses that pop up along the…

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The Benefits of Using Google to Research a Home that You Want to Buy

Use Google when Buying a Home

There is no doubt that the internet has transformed many aspects of the real estate industry. Are you leveraging these benefits to help your family when you are ready to buy a home? It is important that you are working…

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What Constitutes a Real Estate Expert?

Atlanta Real Estate Expert

Just because someone works in the real estate industry, doesn’t mean that they can offer the expert advice that you need. When it is time to make the investment in a new home for your family, you deserve to have…

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