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Duffy Realty Interview with Fox Business

Frank Duffy, Co-owner of Duffy Realty of Atlanta, was interviewed for Fox Business:

Before you start shooting photos of your home or hire a professional to do it for you, you have to get it photo shoot ready. That means cleaning up, decluttering and getting rid of any personal belongings that could turn off would-be buyers. The type of shots you take will also matter. For instance Frank Duffy, owner of Duffy Realty of Atlanta, says you want to capture what you love about your home whether it’s a kitchen window that looks out onto your garden or a breathtaking master bedroom instead of just taking pictures of every room in the house. “I always tell people to take photos of the property where they spend the most time in the home,” says Duffy.  So if that means sitting at your dining room table then take a few photographs from that vantage point, he says....

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